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Premium Brass Granules for Jewelry Casting | Mahaveer Chandra and Co

Discover the Excellence of Brass Granules for Premium Jewelry Casting At Mahaveer Chandra and Co, we specialize in offering high-quality

Brass Balls / Rava

Brass balls offer superior corrosion resistance and machinability. They are commonly used in valve systems, bearings, and various industrial applications.

Brass Rolls / Foils

We provide best quality products which are soft in nature and also consist of HH ,material. We also avail products

Brass Sheets: A Versatile Metal for Various Applications

Brass sheets are a remarkable metal material known for their durability, versatility, and unique golden appearance. In this article, we

Brass Springs / French Springs

Brass springs are durable, corrosion-resistant and offer reliable performance in various applications. They provide consistent force and stability, making them

Brass Twisted Wire / Veni

Brass Twisted Wire offers excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for various applications such as electrical wiring

Brass Wire Buyer’s Guide – Choose the Right Brass Wire

If you’re in the market for brass wire, you likely understand its significance in various applications. Brass wire is a

Copper and French Springs

We deal in all sizes of springs / French spring commonly used for imitation jewelry. Size: 19,20,21,22 available

Mahaveer Chandra & Co: Your Premier Copper Ball Stockist

Welcome to Mahaveer Chandra & Co, your premier destination for top-quality copper balls! We take immense pride in being the

Premium Copper Sheets and Foils Supplier

Welcome to mahaveerchandraandco, your trusted source for premium copper sheets and foils. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY

Copper Veni (Twisted Wire)

Copper Veni also called as twisted wire are commonly used for manufacturing  imitation jewelry , specially thin Veni is used

High-Quality Copper Wire

Are you in search of high-quality copper wire for your industrial or DIY projects? Look no further! Our copper wire