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Premium Brass Granules for Jewelry Casting | Mahaveer Chandra and Co

Discover the Excellence of Brass Granules for Premium Jewelry Casting At Mahaveer Chandra and Co, we specialize in offering high-quality

Brass Balls / Rava

Brass balls offer superior corrosion resistance and machinability. They are commonly used in valve systems, bearings, and various industrial applications.

Brass Rolls / Foils

We provide best quality products which are soft in nature and also consist of HH ,material. We also avail products

Brass Sheets: A Versatile Metal for Various Applications

Brass sheets are a remarkable metal material known for their durability, versatility, and unique golden appearance. In this article, we

Brass Springs / French Springs

Brass springs are durable, corrosion-resistant and offer reliable performance in various applications. They provide consistent force and stability, making them

Brass Twisted Wire / Veni

Brass Twisted Wire offers excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for various applications such as electrical wiring

Brass Wire Buyer’s Guide – Choose the Right Brass Wire

If you’re in the market for brass wire, you likely understand its significance in various applications. Brass wire is a

Ren / Solder / KDM

The products are used to create a bond between metal workpieces. It is used for making artificial / imitation jewelry.

Screw / Chaaki / Pech Sticks

These products will be used to create Bangles, Kadas and other imitation jewelry products. These products are available in German

Brass Strips

Brass strips are commonly used in electrical and imitation jewelry industry.  We get flexible, durable, and excellent conductors of electricity,